About us.

LeX is expert in reforming education where everything is about the relationship between teacher and student. The keypoint is the optimal growth and development of the student and his designing of a personal learning process inevitably guided by the teacher. This personal process is more meaningful in an environment that contributes to practice the students’ relation towards others and the world. All other processes in school are subordinate to this.

Many schools pursue this form of customization and then find out how difficult it is to get rid of ingrained habits and familiar organizational structures. This gets in the way of the development of a mindset that is needed to make customization possible.

LeX has a six-step-approach ‘from mindset to customization’ for every school which is basic for further development and performing it. We do this for both management- and teacherteams.

For the real daredevils, we set one step further. We have been developing an approach that makes it possible to give students the experience to learn in ecosystems. Currently we are experimenting with this in a number of cities. No more schools, but fieldlabs. Meaningful learning environments in the neighbourhood of the student.

For more information about our six-step-approach or if you want to participate in building fieldlabs, then please fill in the fields below. We will contact you as soon as possible.

In the meantime you can join LeXplay, our online playground where we gather students, experts and expertise.


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